A great gift to send to those you can’t be with.


A great gift to send to those you can’t be with.
Herb Garden Starter Kit
Herb Garden Starter Kit
Herb Garden Starter Kit
Herb Garden Starter Kit
Herb Garden Starter Kit
Herb Garden Starter Kit
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  • Grow Your Own Herbs!

    Grow your own personal secret garden. At home. Effortlessly! And let nature flourish with fresh, organic, home-grown precious herbs. Let sweet basil, rich thyme, fresh parsley, pure cilantro, coriander, and sage seeds turn you into a true gourmet chef.

    Whether you have no outdoor space or growing your own herbs sounds daunting and you seem to have a brown thumb - I know I have. This home gardening kit is perfect for you. Because unlike many gardening supplies that are designed for large operations. This starter kit is custom made for indoor and peat pots.

    So, sow your seeds and watch them sprout into full-size herbs that will come to life in just a few weeks. Grow them indoors, and when ready to transplant - plant the entire pot outdoors. And witness one of nature's many miracles. While also taking your gardening skills to the next level.

    • Child’s Play: And don't worry about a thing. We've got it all figured out. The Herb Garden Starter Kit is a wholesome package that will blow your mind. It comes complete with seed starting soil pellets, biodegradable growing pots, plant markers, and a thorough instruction manual for beginners. So, you can get started right away.


    • Top-Notch Quality: 5-star products need a 5-star service. And with hundreds of happy customers and thousands of units sold. The Herb Garden starter kit is sitting on the THRONE of the best-selling gardening supplies kit on the market.


    For Those Looking to Get Their Hands Dirty with a Hint of Convenience


    For Your Cooking: With great ingredients comes great responsibility. Becoming a gourmet chef is only a matter of weeks. Whether it's fennel seeds in Italian sausage, basil in spring rolls, or a sprig of mint in a dessert, herbs add unparalleled pizzazz to dishes. And with these ingredients growing within your hand's reach. Your dishes will be the talk of the town.

    Proudly Made in the United States: Committed to American manufacturing, we have grown, harvested, and curated our seeds, soil, and pots in-house. We have made local production an integral part of our mission and future outlook. While supporting our local communities and artisans across the United States.

    The Simplest Gifts are the Greatest: The Herb Garden Starter Kit is a unique gift. It is timeless, ageless, and looks outstandingly priceless. Since ancient times, herbs and seeds have been a symbol of luck, life and fertility. It's a memorable gift and a token of your love. It will certainly be appreciated by people with green thumbs, and brown thumbs as well.

    Biodegradable Bamboo Pots: These large pots scream HEALTH in its rawest form. They are 100% natural and handmade from genuine bamboo, without additives, dyes, or preservatives. Bamboo is known to attract positive vibrations and energy to the home. It also provides your seeds and herbs with favorable growing conditions thanks to the drainage holes, allowing them to breathe and flourish in a natural environment.

    Nutritional Natural Mixture: We know our audience, and the usual struggle to grow our own plants indoor. That's why we have included a nutritional mix for your herbs. It is a natural fertilizer that works as nutrition after you plant your seeds on the peat pellets provided.

    Beginner's Guide Included: To top it all off, we've included in our kit a detailed instruction manual with clear illustrations to guide you step by step through the germination process. It is accompanied by a PDF best practices guide that will help you along the way on your future green thumb journey.

    Kit includes:


    • 5 Herb Seeds
    • Set of Bamboo Pots
    • Drip Trays
    • Nutritional mixture
    • Wood Markers
    • eBook on Sowing & Germinating




    • Sprouts in 1-4 weeks, depending on the variety
    • Harvest after 2-3 months
    • Requires 4-6 hours of direct sun, or a grow light
    • Water 2-3 times per week.